Warriors News · Warriors fall to rival Bosse 4-1

Warriors fell to rival Bosse 4-1. Seniors Shannon Reid and Jordan Stanley won at #1 Doubles 6-4,6-2. Freshmen Eliza Lind and Azaria Denton stepped in and competed at #2 Doubles against a senior and- junior. The JV defeated Bosse 5-1.

Audrey Wilson (B) def. Andie Henton 6-3,6-1

Chloe Perry (B) def. Gabi Guzman 6-0,6-0

Alexa Wheeler (B) def. Brandi Dixon 6-3,6-1

Shannon Reid-Jordan Stanley (H) def. Macey Hammond-Kyleigh Mayer 6-4,6-2

Diana Joest-Emma Roth (B) def. Eliza Lind-Azaria Denton 6-1,6-4