Warriors News · Warriors battle again but fall 3-2 to Southridge

It was a close one in Huntingburg but the Warriors couldn’t pull it out against Southridge.

Andie Henton (H) def. Evie Sherer(S) 6-3,6-3

Olivia Durcholz (S) def. Jordan Stanley(H) 6-3,6-3

Kelby Laroche (S) def. Brandi Dixon (H) 6-4,4-6,6-2

Camille Fleming-Audra Hochgesang (S) def. Gabi Guzman-Shannon Reid(H) 6-2,6-3

Carlie Henton-Lucie Henton (H) def. Anna Kappner-Gabbie Werner (S) 6-3,5-7,6-4